What is Dukale’s Dream?

The story of DUKALE’S DREAM is one of family and community, education and health, opportunity and support (full synopsis here)- these are the central themes of Hugh’s and Deborra-lee’s journey to Ethiopia as ambassadors of World Vision, where they sought to understand how they could best impact global poverty. And although the topic of poverty sometimes feels like an expansive and distant problem, it is in fact one that is more approachable than we might think.

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In the film, we’re presented with several struggles; struggles which Dukale works to overcome:

  • Dukale would not get paid a fair/living wage if a Fair Trade structure was not in place. Instead, he would be in competition with other coffee farmers to provide coffee at the lowest price possible. Organizations like World Vision and Fair Trade USA make it possible to build and sustain equitable marketplaces for individual farmers and enables the community as a whole to thrive.
  • Dukale worked on the farm as a youth, occupying much of the time which would have been spent pursuing educational goals. By earning a fair wage for the coffee he produces, his own son is able to dedicate his time to school instead of the farm.
  • According to the World Health Organization (via CleanCookstoves.org), household air pollution from cooking kills over 4 million people every year and sickens millions more. This was Dukale’s reality- the simple act of cooking was having an adverse impact on his family’s health. The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves along with World Vision stepped in to provide Dukale with a clean way to produce heat.

Dukale’s dream is becoming a reality but he is an exception more than a rule. The key is maintaining community development programs and continuing to expand them to other areas, improving health and education standards, and creating more demand for all Fair Trade products (not just coffee).

So how can I help?

By simply making a choice to buy ethically traded products, you are making a huge impact on global poverty- and by sharing that message with your friends & family, you have the ability to multiply that effect! We encourage you to always use the film, DUKALE’S DREAM, as a tool for spreading awareness as well (check out Tugg.com for great ways to share the film with your whole community!) and, if you are able and feel so inclined, we also encourage you to consider donating directly to Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man Foundation, which has partnered with World Vision Australia to raise funds for the following:

  • Create a curriculum for students in the U.S. about Fair Trade products and social entrepreneurship.
  • Provide funding for existing economic empowerment programs to help uplift farmers like Dukale out of poverty.
  • Improve health standards for women and children in developing countries by providing access to clean cookstoves.

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*Keurig has graciously offered to match up to $5k in donations!

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